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About Snezhana-Sophia

Snezhana-Sophia Zamalieva, PhD is a certified expert in psychology, coach, speaker.

Born in St. Petersburg (Russia), Snezhana-Sophia graduated from Saint Petersburg State University with a master’s degree in Sociology. In 2003, she received her MBA degree in the Presidential program on training managers at Saint Petersburg University of Management and Economics.

Snezhana-Sophia supports the idea of life-long education and implements it in her life. Later, she graduated from the East European Institute for Psychoanalysis with a master’s degree in psychology and psychoanalysis. She continued her education attending the program at The Center for Group Studies (Modern Leadership), New York and Victor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy, Abilene, Texas.

She is now a Faculty Member and Diplomate Clinician at Victor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy, and she is an Associate Professor of the General Scientific Studies Department at the East European Institute for Psychoanalysis.

Snezhana-Sophia is devoted to mindfulness practice. She opened the first Mindfulness Studio in St. Petersburg (Russia). Snezhana-Sophia believes that Mindfulness is a powerful instrument for human health and human flourishing.

In 2012, she was awarded her PhD degree from the Philosophy Department of Saint Petersburg State University with a thesis on the Meaning-centered Philosophy of Viktor Frankl.

Snezhana-Sophia is also an experienced sportswoman. She has a black belt in martial arts and is certified as TDI diver.

Snezhana-Sophia is President of the Maestro Temirkanov International Foundation for Cultural Initiatives from 2004. This is a non-profit organization with the mission to preserve, develop and enrich Russia’s national musical heritage and to share their legacy with the world.

She was awarded the Vernadsky Silver Medal for contribution in the development of science, The MBA Cup – 2006 International Prize for non-profit Foundations contribution in the development of culture.

In 2015, she received The Statue of Responsibility Award in grateful recognition of distinguished leadership in promoting the work of Victor Frankl throughout the world.

In 2016, she received The Quilly® Award, presented by the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors® for Ignite Your Life.

She is the author of numerous articles, courses and master-classes. Her monograph The Freedom To Decide: V. Frankl’s Logotherapy and Existential Anthropology was recently published and is considered to be the only research on Victor Frankl’s Philosophy in the Russian language.

Recently she was invited to speak at the XX Jubileum World Congress on Logotherapy “Humanity’s Search for Peace and Purpose.” She was one among respected speakers such as Dr. Arun Gandhi (grandson of Mahatma Gandhi), Dr. Steven Southwick (Yale University), and Dr. Stefan Schulenberg (University of Mississippi).

Ignite your life

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  • Snezhana-Sophia contributed a chapter titled “The Power of Meaning.” She is sharing some important ideas how the power of meaning and mindfulness can be used for achieving a fulfilled life.
  • After such a successful release, The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors™, an organization that honors authors from many of the leading independent best seller lists, will recognize Dr. Zamalieva for her contribution.
The Power of Meaning
The Power of Meaning

The Power of Meaning

Man is a being in search of meaning.

~ Plato

I want to share with you how the power of meaning can be used for achieving a fulfilled life.

But first, here is the story how a world-renowned philosopher, Victor Frankl, has influenced my life. He developed and tested his meaning-centered approach in the 1930s, while spending nearly three years in a German concentration camp. Dr. Frankl wrote a book, Man’s Search for Meaning. It has sold more then three million copies in the United States. The book was translated into more than twenty languages and has brought change and comfort to many people.

Frankl believes the key to a positive view of life is awareness that life has meaning under all circumstances, and that every single person has the capacity to find meaning in life.

Logotherapy translates as “therapy through meaning” – we could also say “health through meaning” or “personal growth through meaning.”

Ten years ago, I started on a new path in my life. I was successful in my business career and I thought it was a good opportunity to fulfill my dream. I went back to University and received a Masters Degree in psychology and psychoanalysis. I was eager to find an answer to two important questions:

  • What is man?
  • What is the meaning of life?
My dream came true. I was on my way to becoming a mental health professional. I literally plunged into the study - it was almost 24/7.

One of the fantastic courses we had was an observation of the main Personality Theories. At the end of the course we had an exam, and to get ready for the exam we had to do quite a lot of independent study; among those topics was Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy. Before then, I had never been introduced to this psychologist.

So, I searched the Internet and the first thing I found was his book, Man’s Search for Meaning. The more I read, the more fascinated I felt. This was exactly what I was looking for – support for my inner discussion regarding human kind. I couldn’t agree more!

Logotherapy teaches that life doesn’t owe us happiness but instead, it offers us meaning.

Logotherapy helps us objectively appreciate our imperfections and be aware that the challenge lies in our incompleteness: our opportunity to grow, possibilities for change and to evolve. It focuses on an individual’s unique, step-by-step path forward.

It’s impossible to change our past, but we are neither slaves nor victims of it. Our responsibility is to change our present. By doing so we are simultaneously influencing our future. Each of us has limitations, but we also have a certain freedom within our limitations.

It’s important to remember that happiness, peace of mind, satisfaction, and success are only by-products of our pursuit of meaning.

Logothearpy teaches us how to use the power of meaning to live in the face of inescapable uncertainty, and to bear unavoidable suffering in our lives. I read the book Man’s Search for Meaning in TWO DAYS! I even canceled some meetings because I couldn’t push myself to close the book. I said to myself that I must study Frankl’s approach, because I knew that it would be an incredible gift to use his method in my counseling and coaching work.

To make a long story short, I worked really hard and now I am a Diplomat Clinician in Logotherapy and a Faculty member at the Victor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy. I earned my PhD and published my first book on logotherapy in the Russian language – The Freedom to Decide: Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy and Existential Anthropology. And using my education, clinical and research experience, I have developed my own method – LOGOCOACHING.


It is official – the search for meaning is a megatrend of our time! There is a growing desire for meaning!

Most of us would agree that nowadays the existential query is fairly common. We hear people talking about:

...lack of purpose

...lack of direction in life

...lack of meaning in life

...emptiness and meaninglessness

Many people would say they feel that something is missing in their lives; they feel lonely, overwhelmed and unfulfilled. The level of stress is increasing due to health and relationship issues, financial challenges, job insecurity or long-term unemployment. Not knowing where to turn for solutions, many people escape from such meaningless experiences through different forms of addiction, depression or aggression.

There are two types of people: the “Yes”-Person and the “No”-Person. The first type says yes to life despite all the challenges they might have, and the second type generally sees life in a negative way, despite the good things they experience. As a result a “YES”-Person feels mostly happy and fulfilled, while a “No”-Person is usually frustrated and disoriented.

A lot of people fall between these two extremes. The important thing is that it is possible to make a shift from a negative to a positive attitude. Only we are responsible for it!

Logotherapy is a great tool for making this shift happen! It helps people to say yes to life whether the suffering they experience comes from difficult human relations, job trouble, illness, guilt or self-made problems.

You can rise above ill health and blows of fate if you see meaning in your existence.

Meaning can be found in our responses to life. Once we realize that we are unique and have necessary resources available in the form of talents, capabilities and inner strength, we are no longer totally at the mercy of fate. Realizing that we have areas of freedom (however small they may be) and that we have choices in response to the demands life places upon us, we cannot remain in the victim stance any longer.

Just think how often people wonder about the meaning of life? Do they know the difference between the meaning of life and the meaning in life? How would we feel knowing that meaning can always be found? Would knowing that not be easier for us to cope with life’s greatest challenges?

The answer is “YES!” Here are seven benefits of living a meaningful life:

  1. Be motivated by the search for meaning.
  2. Deeply know and appreciate your value system.
  3. Be able to keep positive and courageous attitude towards life, despite challenges and difficulties.
  4. Be able to accept past mistakes and turn regrets into tools for personal growth.
  5. Be aware of the meaning of the moment.
  6. Be connected on a deeper level to others and yourself.
  7. Be able to transform your attitude and thinking.
Lets say you decide to search for meaning in life, then you certainly will question yourself:

- What is Meaning?

- How do I find meaning?


If we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves.

~ Maria Edgeworth

We must distinguish two types of meaning: Ontological and Existential. In other words meaning of life and meaning in life, or global meaning and meaning of the moment.

When you search Ontological Meaning you are mostly aware that there is an order in the universe and you are part of that order. Scientists see this order in the laws of science or evolution, humanists see this order in the laws of nature and ethics, artists see it in harmony and religious people will see this order as divine.

The Ontological Meaning is inaccessible for us. We can compare it with the horizon – you can strive as much as possible toward it, but it is not possible to reach. It is important that you still pursue Ontological Meaning, even if you can never attain it. It is a matter of faith, of hypothesis, of personal experience. Only you can make an important choice – either to live as life has meaning and you are a part of the chain of life, or you can live as if life is chaos and you are a victim of its caprice. This choice is yours and you are responsible for it, nobody else!

This might sound discouraging that you cannot reach the Ontological Meaning, but the good news is that there is a second meaning – the Existential Meaning which you can and must reach to live a fulfilled life. The Existential Meaning is the meaning of the moment. The important question you should ask yourself is – What is life asking of me now? And your response to this question will determine what kind of person you will become.

Frankl believes that you are a unique human being who goes through life in a series of unique situations, and each moment is offering you a meaning to fulfill it – a chance to act in a meaningful way! In a moment, I will teach you how you can do that.

The understanding of the meaning of the moment is a skill. And like any other skill, it needs to be trained for and practiced. By practicing, you will experience an interesting change in your life.

The following questions will help you to train for the new skill in challenging moments. This is a writing exercise. You can type these questions into your smartphone, that way you always have them available:

  • Name the situation which is challenging you
  • What is life asking of me?
  • What is my respond to the situation?
  • What are my feelings about this situation?
  • What was the lesson this situation provided me with?
  • What will I do to grow and develop myself from this situation?
  • What is my first step?
Your first step will be a meaningful response to the challenging situation or meaning of the moment.


This is another important question you will face eventually.

Some philosophers such as French existentialists Sartre and Camus, support the pessimistic idea that there is no meaning in life but that a human being has to lead a meaningful life – therefore you should create the meaning. The German existentialists including Victor Frankl are convinced that meaning exists, and we have to search for it!

We have a will to develop meaning! This is the strongest motivation for living and taking action. Humans are beings in search of meaning.

Seeing meaning in our life allows us to develop our capacities and struggle against difficulties in life. If your will to find meaning is ignored or repressed, you will feel empty.

There are three ways to discover meaning. I call it the “ECA” Method.

  1. Experience
  2. Creativity
  3. Attitude.
The first way: (E) is for Experience (experiential values). It could be encountering relationships of various kinds or experiences with nature, culture or religion. For example, think about a beautiful sunrise, or traveling to your favorite destinations, or someone you love deeply. Those are meaningful experiences, and by being aware of them, we fill our lives with meaning.

Victor Frankl recalls how once, in the horror of the concentration camp, he heard a melody, played by violin. This music reminded him about his beloved wife. He didn’t know where she was, nor if she was alive. But that little melody brought back all the special experiences he shared with his wife. It lifted him beyond the misery of his struggle to survive one more day in the concentration camp. This moment had great experiential value for Dr. Frankl. It was a treasured gift life gave him that day.

Now here is a question for you. What have you received from life through experiences that were deeply meaningful? Think, reflect and write down the answer!

Developing Mindfulness.

There is only one "moment in time when it is essential to awaken. That moment is now.

~ The Buddha

We live in the now not in the past or future. Living in the now means acknowledging and accepting the flow of time – the past is the past and the future is hypothetical.

Mindfulness means being fully awake and alert - these are obviously necessary qualities for experiencing the meaning of the moment.

Why not practice Mindfulness Meditation? Learning to be in control of your own mind instead of letting your mind be in control of you.

Lots of ideas for mindfulness meditation - mindfulness breathing, mindfulness walking, mindfulness in thoughts, even mindfulness eating.

Choose what you like more and develop your own mindfulness practice.

Here are seven tips:

  1. Practice what you preach.
  2. Do one thing at a time – when you are eating – eat; when you are reading – read; when you are cleaning – concentrate on that activity.
  3. Let go of hindrances.
  4. Focus your attention on what you are doing (again, again and again).
  5. Set the scene for your meditation.
  6. Protect your meditation time (5 minutes in the morning) and have a special reminder to do so.
  7. Commit to it.
I love mindfulness breathing. I do it throughout the day. My reminder is a red light. When the traffic light is red – great! I do my mindfulness breathing!

The second way to discover meaning: (C) is for Creativity (creative values).

This is the best known way of course. We experience fulfillment from goals reached, tasks mastered, and a job well done. This way to meaning is as readily available to us as we are willing to respond to the tasks life places before us. When using our creativity, our unique talents and strength, we can be vitally engaged in life and find life well worth living – or in other words, meaningful.

Utilizing this way leads us to deep fulfillment as well as to a discovery of our innate endowments and to the development of their potential to the fullest.

Think about your talents. Make a list. Are you using your talents in your life?

Now think about what you give to life through your creativity? What creative gifts have you have offered to others through your talents, your work and your goals that held meaning for you? Write it down.

The third way is: (A) attitude (attitudinal value).

This unique contribution of logotherapy to mental health is that it enables you to be a “yes” sayer in the face of tragedy, to find meaning in meaningless situations.

Even when creative or experiential ways of finding meaning are not possible, a person still seeks to find meaning in the midst of suffering – bearing it courageously rather than feeling degraded because of it.

Meaning ensues from the attitude brought towards the blows of fate.

Frankl referred to the capacity for finding meaning in the face of human suffering, guilt, and even certain death. We have the potential to transform suffering into human achievement and guilt into meaningful action.

By that, we can become more than we were before, by facing the challenges life presents to us. South African dissident, Nelson Mandela, is an inspiring example. He tolerated 30 years of imprisonment with dignity, because his imprisonment symbolized the struggle for equality.


What is your meaning and have you defined it in every area of your life?

If not, I hope that this chapter will help you get started in finding your meaning.

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Private Practice

Private Practice

The Power of Meaning and Mindfulness Program ©

During this program you will:

  • Draw a map of your meaningful areas.
  • Work on a list of meaningful goals.
  • Create The Power of Meaning-Formula as a day-to-day support and motivation.
  • Make a highest priority list within your meaningful areas.
  • Discover a mindfulness concept and tips for everyday individual practice.
  • Receive a pdf file with The Power of Meaning-Formula.
My life philosophy is: “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”.

Using my education, clinical and research experience, I have developed my own method – Logocoaching.

Logocoaching is an effective and efficient technique of psychological support. Logocoaching is an eclectic approach based on the philosophical and anthropological concepts of the logotherapist and existential analyst Viktor Emil Frankl who is considered the founder of the Third Viennese School of Psychotherapy.

Logocoaching also blends various techniques of cognitive behavior therapy, and goal-oriented approaches as well as mindfulness approach.

The Principles of Logocoaching

  • Mutual respect and trust.
  • Contemporary and science-based methods.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Consistency – exposing relevant priorities and outlining one's personal development; providing support and guidance during the implementation phase.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions concerning this program.

Private Practice

For Businesses

The Power of Meaning and Mindfulness Course ©

The course encompasses the following options:

  • Lecture (1,5 hrs.)
  • Seminar (4 hrs)
  • Workshop (2 days)
The Power of Meaning and Mindfulness Course ©

The course curriculum covers the following topics:

  • What is the power of meaning, and how to recognize and employ it to improve your life quality.
  • Why is the will to meaning considered a substantial motivating power.
  • How to turn your mistakes and failures into effective tools of personal growth.
  • How to preserve your viability despite the challenges of everyday life.
  • You will discover mindfulness concept and tips for everyday individual practice
  • You will learn what search for meaning is, and practice the ECA technique which may help you find meaning in any life situation.
What are the prospective results?
  • The positive changes in the quality of your life and work
  • Unlocking creativity
  • Learning the flexible and efficient strategies to manage difficult life situations.
  • Fostering clarity of thought
  • Accelerating performance
Please feel free to contact me with any questions concerning this course.


Kathleen Charla, Ph.D.

I have known Snezhana for 15 years and have worked closely with her at the St. Petersburg Philharmonia. She was always efficient, responsive and helpful on every level. She was someone on whom I could rely unequivocally. Snezhana founded and set up this Foundation for Maestro Temirkanov and has done a superior job in running the Foundation and initiating and overseeing its activities. I have known Snezhana for 15 years and have worked closely with her at the St. Petersburg Philharmonia. She was always efficient, responsive and helpful on every level. She was someone on whom I could rely unequivocally. Snezhana founded and set up this Foundation for Maestro Temirkanov and has done a superior job in running the Foundation and initiating and overseeing its activities.

Kathleen Charla, Ph.D.
Eugene Pushkarev, Ph.D

Associate professor

Dr. Zamalieva builds up psychological support for her patients based on the latest trends in the development of psychotherapy. The fundamental education, many years of experience in psychotherapy allow Snezhana to achieve significant improvements in the psycho-emotional sphere of her clients. An intelligent approach to the problem, the search for innovative solutions, the desire to help, honesty — all this can be felt in communion with Snezhana!

Eugene Pushkarev, Ph.D
Svetoslav Dutov, businessman


I have enjoyed reading your book! Thanks for the powerful motivation! I was very pleased to learn so much about Dr. Frankl! Thank you very much! I recommend the book to anyone who thinks about the meaning of life, about his or her mission, interested in psychology and self-development!

Svetoslav Dutov, businessman
Dmitry Kovpak, M.D., Mental Health Counselor

The Saint Petersburg Centre for Emotional Health, Medical Director

What a brilliant workshop did Snezhana organize and conduct! The atmosphere was charged with underlying values and sacral meaning. Logotherapy cannot be taught formally and linearly, and one should live it to teach it three-dimensionally. Snezhana, similar to Frankl, is a picture of an amazingly awesome personality and professional whose infectious energy charges us with such meaning and values. What an intellectual feast it is to chance to get acquainted with this graceful and delicate fund manager who holds a philosophy degree, a black belt in karate and a certificate of mastery!

Dmitry Kovpak, M.D., Mental Health Counselor
Michael Winters, Ph.D.

Diplomate Clinician in Logotherapy

Dr. Zamalieva is an excellent psychotherapist and logotherapist. She is deeply committed to her clients and creative in expressing her concern. She is knowledgeable in not only Logotherapy, but also in psychodynamic and cognitive/behavioral approaches to therapy. She is able to choose the elements of each approach that best fit for her clients. In addition to her clinical work, she has already written extensively about Logotherapy and presented to colleagues on concepts of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis. Dr. Zamalieva is highly ethical, has a curiosity about life and dedicated to improving her skill as a psychotherapist and logotherapist. She will be a welcome addition to the core of Logotherapy Diplomates.

Michael Winters, Ph.D.
Aleхander Tsypkin, writer.

Writer and expert on strategic pr

Great professional! Snezhana is a person who enjoys the result, rather than reveling in the process. I’ve heard great reviews from those whom she helped personally, in my case I got a brilliant series of workshops on the principles of effective interaction within my team

Aleхander Tsypkin, writer
Ann V. Graber, Ph.D.

Faculty Member. Liaison, Graduate Theological Foundation

It is my privilege to highly recommend Snezhana A. Zamalieva, PhD, of St. Petersburg, Russia, as a recipient of the Diplomate Clinician Credential in Logotherapy. As her Distance Learning instructor, it was a joy to get to know her and experience her eagerness to learn about Logotherapy and to implement it in her professional life. Serving as her instructor during that time, I had ample opportunity to observe her academic excellence as well as her motivation to apply what she was learning and to integrate it with an already existing wealth of knowledge.

Ann V. Graber, Ph.D.
Marshall H. Lewis, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist Co-Editor, The International Forum for Logotherapy

It is my great pleasure and honor to recommend Dr. Snezhana A. Zamalieva. Dr. Zamalieva embodies the ideals of living life with zest and meaning. Based on a solid scholarly foundation, Dr. Zamalieva’s work is thorough, clear, intelligent, and spiced with creativity and love of life. Her wide experience and personable manner combine in ways that can lead you or your organization to success. I fully endorse her and her work without reservation.

Marshall H. Lewis, Ph.D.
John Viterito, M.S., P. D., LPC

Diplomate Clinician and Faculty Member, Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy

I have had the rewarding experience of being professionally acquainted with Dr.Zamalieva since June of 2013, when I met this extraordinary psychotherapist for the first time at the Nineteenth World Congress on Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy in Dallas, Texas. Since that occasion, Dr. Zamalieva and I have collaborated on a number of professional endeavors, presenting workshops in St. Petersburg, Russia, on the theory and practice of rational emotive behavior therapy and its integration with logotherapy. As a result, I have had the opportunity to observe and become acquainted with some of what I consider to be this candidate’s excellent qualities. I would like to enumerate some of these below.

John Viterito, M.S., P. D., LPC
Robert Barnes, Ph.D.

President International Board of Directors Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy

What a rare and special privilege it is for us to have you in our international Logotherapy family! Thank you for your scholarly, excellent, and meaningful plenary speech. Your beautiful spirit radiates a depth of meaning for anyone who is fortunate enough to be in your presence. Thank you for our meaningful dialogue that you and I shared there on the stage after your presentation. I am so grateful that we are on the same wavelength in our philosophy and sense of purpose.

Congratulations on being a new member of the faculty of the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy.

Robert Barnes, Ph.D.